OUR MATERIALS 2022-07-25


Commitment from Day 1: Sourcing non-food grade bio source

On the sustainable journey, one of our biggest commitments is to continue developing materials that can further reduce product carbon footprint. DSC continue to find sustainable resources that is non-food source which doesn’t compete with animal’s food chain and reduce the dependence on petroleum-based material. One of the commonly used bio material in making our foam is the Castor Bean bio oil. 

Dreamcell BIO E25: 20% bio content 

You will find Most of our open-cell PU foam families contain at least 6-20% bio content in variety. The plant-based bio-oil made from castor beans greatly reduces the use of petroleum, furtherly reduce less amount of carbon emission. 

DSC's Dreamcell BIO E25 contains at least 20% castor bean oil. Inside the lab, our developers were able to maintain Dreamcell’s cushioning and softness while adding higher percent of bio-oil in to the foaming process. The Dreamcell BIO E25 is not the only footbed that contains bio-oil, Read the story how we turn spent coffee grounds to a comfort footwear, and how we turn the harmful algae bloom to a greener, sustainable footbed. 

On our sustainability journey, we are aware that waste is a big contribution to carbon emission in our industry supply chain. DSC is committed to minimize the amount of material we use in product manufacturing process, to create lighter products, and less waste. This is done through two practices: by adding recycled waste in product production, and by adding bio material that is non-food source. We continue to provide better and sustainable product to brand customers and to the athletes around the world. 

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