Propelled by an overall goal of producing zero carbon emission and zero waste, Run The Relay is DSC's sustainability campaign, which helps to protect the future of our foam supply chain.


On this relay race, we change the way we think about waste, we incorporate processes that result in the most efficient use of materials. These processes include saving foam waste from in-house production and repurposing it into new foam products.


Instead of winding up tons of foam waste in a landfill every month, we recycle those waste and turn them into a new opportunity to create.

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    Recycled production waste

    We recycle in-house production waste and waste from our partnered suppliers.

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    We screen the waste carefully and sort it by colors and regrind into pallets or powder.

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    Create finished good

    Through innovation and rounds of testing we deliver the most eco-friendly material with best footwear product performance.

Made with Waste

  • ZERO - 100% Recycled

    Our revolutionary foam formula made from 100% in-house recycled foam waste, resulting from our passionate pursuit of net-zero carbon emissions and zero waste.

    See Innovation Story >


    Containing percentages of recycled waste from 10% all the way up to 70% in some series, 3R is a foam formula that allows us to provide a wide range of recycled content ratios in order to best suit our customers' various design needs.

    See Innovation Story >


    Looking for new bio technology as an alternative to use virgin resource is one of our on-going innovation project. Our developers work diligently to create sustainable materials that made from plant based resources, without compromising the comfort and performance to the product.

    Made with Bio Content

    • Bloom Algae

      Algae bloom is a problem to the environment, it is harmful to marine life and humans. By turning the algae bloom to a sustainable foam material, it helps to reduce water pollution, generate clean water and maintain healthy ecosystems.

      Learn More >

    • Spent Coffee Grounds

      When spent coffee grounds (or SCGs) are sent to a landfill, they can produce methane and carbon dioxide, two major contributors to global warming. DSC partners with local Vietnamese coffee providers to recycle their SCGs, keeping them out of landfills and giving them a second life as a comfort footwear product.

      Learn More >

    • Plant-Based Oil

      A non-food resource for both humans and animals that thrives with very little water, various plants can be transformed into plant-based oil products. When used in DSC’s proprietary foams, these plant-based oils can dramatically reduce reliance on petroleum-derived oils. Each of DSC’s open-cell foam series contain 6-20% plant-based oil.

      Learn More >

      Big Changes

      <p>Making big changes requires a far-reaching panoramic vision. See our targets by 2025 and what actions we’ve taken on.</p> See Targets & Action >

      <p>The pursuit of sustainability is a team sport that we all run together, if you are looking to make a change, if you share the same vision, we’d love to work with you.</p> Join Us >

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